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Sea transport

Sea transport

Sea forwarding

Imex Logistics, in the provision of ocean freight forwarding services, offers port handling, customs and warehouse brokerage, as well as transportation consulting and insurance. 

This new addition to our range of services will be handled by a team with many years of experience. Their professionalism and commitment will ensure that the transport will run smoothly and without any problems.


Maritime handling of Containerized cargoes.

We offer a comprehensive service for the import and export of containerized cargo, as well as the transportation of general cargo by sea in many import and export relations.

Maritime handling of conventional cargoes.

We are engaged in port handling of non-containerized cargoes, such as:

  • wood, wood pulp, pellets and other wood products, 
  • paper in rolls,
  • sheet metal in coils and sheets,
  • steel rods,
  • minerals and minerals,
  • other types of cargo in unitized packaging.

Maritime handling of oversized cargo.

Imex Logistics also provides transportation of oversized cargo. We offer:

  • charter shipments,
  • break bulk service, 
  • ro-ro and lo-lo transportation.

Project management includes:

  • preparation of cargo for transport,
  • advice on transport packaging,
  • fixing and securing the cargo.
  • Selection of the most suitable means of transportation,
  • analysis of possibilities and planning of optimal routes,
  • advice on documentation and handling of formalities,
  • constant monitoring of costs,
  • reporting at each stage of transportation.


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