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Over 150 cars

From buses to mega sets

At your disposal are buses and trucks of various sizes and load capacities. We have over 100 own vehicles, thanks to which we guarantee the security of deliveries in road transport to our clients.

We also use a fleet of trusted contract carriers with whom we have a long-term cooperation. In total, we have over 150 cars at our disposal.

Check dimensions and load capacity

Van tarpaulin
Length - 4 m
Width - 2,22 m
Height - 2 m

Tarpaulin Lorry – 8 EUR-pallets
Length - 4,2 m
Width - 2,22 m
Height - 2,4 – 2,6 m

Tarpaulin lorry – 10 EUR- pallets
Length - 4,8 m
Width - 2,22 m
Height - 2,4 – 2,6 m

Standard semitrailer
Length - 13,6 m
Width - 2,47 m
Height - 2,75 m

Standard Articulated lorry
Length - 7,7 m + 7,7 m
Width - 2,47 m
Height - 3 m

Mega semitrailer
Length - 13,6 m
Width - 2,47 m
Height - 3 m

What else is worth knowing?

Our specialization is Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland), therefore we place great emphasis on the reliability of the rolling stock. Cars and semi-trailers are subject to systematic service control, which effectively reduces the risk of failure.

young fleet - in 2021 alone, we bought over 50 new cars and trailers

euro 5 and 6 - we enter environmental zones in cities

OCP insurance 300,000 euro + optional cargo insurance

GPS monitoring - constant control by shippers

ADR transport – a fleet adapted to the transport of hazardous materials

special winter tires – required by contractors from Scandinavia

See the cars on the road

Our drivers are real enthusiasts. See the photos they send us from the tour.

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