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Road freight

Transport międzynarodowy i krajowy

Road freight

From 1 pallet to a mega trailer

At Imex Logistics, we will transport everything for you, except for a few ADR classes. We specialize in groupage and full truck load transport to Scandinavia and the Baltic States. We handle both one-off freight and permanent connections.

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Groupage transportYour company has a small package to ship, e.g. one carton or several pallets? Groupage transport is an option for you.

In this type of road freight, your shipment is shipped with other small loads. Between Poland and Scandinavia (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark) we have a regular groupage network in operation. We also serve other destinations in Europe.

How it's working?
  1. We collect the parcel from you.
  2. We bring it to our transshipment warehouse near Śrem (40 km from Poznań).
  3. From groupage shipments, we complete transport on a solo or a lorry trailer, which will go in the direction of your choice.
  4. Thanks to efficient logistics, your shipment reaches the recipient on time.
Do you export or import goods to countries outside the EU, e.g. to Norway?

As part of the cooperation, we take care of the customs handling of the cargo. Thanks to a recognized location, customs clearance can also take place in our warehouse.

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Full truckload transportDo you have a load for the entire trailer, solo or bus? Check out our full truckload transport options.

We offer road freight throughout Poland and all over Europe. Our strength is the Nordic directions (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark). Thanks to the permanent branch of exp / imp connections, we provide the possibility of daily pick-ups and deliveries of goods.

Rolling stock adapted to the load:
  • busy blaszaki (do 5 palet) i plandeki (8-10 europalet)
  • solówki (18 europalet)
  • naczepy standard (33 europalety)
  • zestawy przestrzenne (38 europalet)
  • naczepy mega (33 europalety)

Check the dimensions of our vehicles and trailers.

We carry out 80% of international and domestic transport with our fleet. We also work with contracted carriers, proven during many years of cooperation.

Do you ship goods to or from countries outside the European Union?

We will help you with customs services. We work with customs agencies that will carry out the entire customs clearance procedure. They can also do it in our warehouse.

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ADR transportDo you have goods or dangerous goods to ship? Use professional ADR transport.

As part of road freight, we offer international ADR transport in Europe - also in the case of a ferry crossing to/from Scandinavia. Are you wondering if your cargo will be classified as dangerous goods at sea? We work with a certified ADR advisor who dispels all doubts. Thanks to this, you can be sure that even in non-standard situations, ADR transport is carried out by applicable regulations.

What ADR materials do we carry most often?
  • gases (class 2)
  • flammable liquids (class 3)
  • flammable solids, self-reactive, solid desensitized explosives, self-igniting (class 4)
  • oxidizing materials, organic peroxides (class 5)
  • poisonous and infectious substances (Class 6)
  • corrosive substances (class 8)
  • miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles (Cl. 9)

We do not support the transport of hazardous materials in classes: 1 and 7.

Don't worry about customs clearance.

As part of a comprehensive service, we also take care of you in customs clearance.

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Time-critical transportYour goods must reach the recipient as soon as possible. Select the time-critical transport option.

  • Time-critical transports are carried out in double manning or with vehicles that are not covered by the tachograph limitations.
  • We have developed reliability in express deliveries in cooperation with companies from the automotive industry.
  • We arrive on time even in difficult winter conditions in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland).
You don't have a full truckload?

As part of the time-critical service, we send the car directly to the destination, even with one pallet or a carton.

Goods for declaration?

Leave it to us. We work with customs agencies, and the possibility of customs clearance in our warehouse speeds up the entire procedure.

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Solutions for manufacturing companies

Logistics and road freight

Are you a producer? At Imex Logistics, you can count on comprehensive service from A to Z. We are ready to invest our funds for you with longer cooperation. We can, among others "Sew" a computer program to handle your company's road freight logistics.

We are also a proven partner for global shipping and small business.

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Choose reliability and great service

Own diversified fleet

From trucks, through mega trailers to solos and small buses. We have over 150 vehicles, 80% of which are our own fleet. In 2021 alone, we bought 50 new cars and trailers to handle transport in Scandinavian directions. For you, it is a guarantee of safety and timely deliveries.

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Advice and efficient communication

We always try to offer you several transport options. We answer emails quickly. We advise on logistics processes and help with documents. We are in constant contact with you. Thanks to this, you know that your goods are on time and on time. And when something happens? We work as a team.

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Difficult topics

We have people who like challenges. Drivers who can handle extreme conditions very well. Freight forwarders who can conjure up transport for you in a hot season. Customs and ADR specialists. And directors who motivate development and action in partnership.

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Additional options

Cargo insurance

Are you shipping high-value lightweight goods? Secure it with additional cargo insurance.

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A modern warehouse

Short-term rental of space. Reloading of goods - also non-standard pallets.

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The knowledge that makes a lot easier

We believe that sharing knowledge helps build good relationships. It also makes it easier to run a business - especially if you are just opening up to cooperation with the Scandinavian market.

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We are here for you. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience!

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