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Transport to Denmark

Transport to Denmark

Entrust your cargo to Scandinavian specialists

Are you looking for a transport company with extensive experience in the Scandinavian countries? At Imex Logistics, we comprehensively deal with logistics and guarantee reliable transport. Denmark is one of the areas in which we specialize. What exactly do we offer?

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Transport do/z Danii - co oferujemy?

Daily Shipments

Daily Shipments

Transport from Poland to Denmark

For over 10 years we have been handling transport from Poland to Denmark and vice versa. Our strength is groupage transport and all non-standard transport. We also carry out classic FTL truck transport, transport of hazardous materials, and time-critical orders.

  • Daily shipment of goods to Zealand
  • Daily courses for the Jutland Peninsula
  • Are you interested in transport to another region of Denmark? Contact us!

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Fixed groupage lines

Fixed groupage lines

Shipments to Denmark

Does your company need to ship a small batch of goods to Denmark? No problem! Thanks to the network of daily connections with Denmark, we offer general cargo transport at a good price. The efficient logistics of transport to Denmark is supported by a modern transshipment warehouse, Imex Logistics.

  • Strategic location of a cross-dock warehouse 40 km from Poznań.
  • A full fleet of forklifts and high bay racks.
  • Possibility of reloading non-standard pallets.

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Transport to Denmark

Details that make the difference

  1. We focus on people The best specialists in the transport and forwarding industry work for you at Imex Logistics. We focus on the dynamic development of both the managerial staff and each employee. Thanks to this, we have the willingness and resources to take up difficult topics in transport to Denmark.
  2. Own diversified fleet Own fleet is a guarantee of security of supplies. Only in 2021, we bought 50 new cars and trailers for transport to Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. They include, among others mega trailers for transporting high loads and small buses that easily enter the corners of cities.
  3. We come out with the initiative You don't need to know the nuances of logistics and transport to Denmark. We plan and organize everything. We take the initiative if any solution will be beneficial for your company. You can always count on professional and friendly advice from our side.
  4. Forwarding Denmark As a forwarding agent, we will take any transport order from Denmark to Poland, from Poland to Denmark. We only work with proven contract carriers. They are reliable companies with which we have long-term relationships.
  5. We are in constant contact What is happening with your cargo to Denmark? Every day you receive information about the status of the transport from us. We are in constant contact with you. At Imex Logistics, we work as a team, so you can be sure that your supervisor uses the know-how of the entire team in non-standard situations.
Solutions for producers

Solutions for producers

Denmark transport and logistics

With constant cooperation, we are open to investing our funds in the logistics needs of Danish and Polish manufacturing companies. We can, among others outsource the development of logistics management and transport automation program. It will be 100% adapted to the production cycle of your company.

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A company you can rely on

„The Imex Logistics company perfectly fulfills all its obligations, taking care of the high quality of services and mutual relations.”


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